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Ning Weiwu
Senior Partner

Ning Weiwu

Mr. Ning graduated form China Politics and Law University with BA and Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS) with LLM. As the partner of Beijing Junsheng Law Firm, he has 26?years experience in praticing as a judge and lawyer, as well as 8 years experience in practicing as the independent director of Listing Corporations. Mr. Ning has extensive?experience in dealing with Company law, contract law, copyright law, labor contract law, real estate law, property law and other civil and commercial legal affairs, and?specializes in corporate equity protection, corporate mergers and acquisitions, corporate legal affairs, corporate legal risk management and legal advisory services. Mr. Ning?has provided efficient and high quality legal services to a large number of clients with the particular insight in analyzing cases from the view of judges and lawyers. Mr. Ning?has been representing and advising many local and foreign clients, such as companies in the Mainland China, Hongkong, Taiwan, US, Britain, Japan, Singapore, South Korea and?other regions.

The Yantai Intermediate People's Court of Shandong
Beijing Hengqi Law Firm
Beijing Yingke Law Firm
Beijung Junsheng Law Firm

Outside Counsel of Tianjing Guangyu Development Co., LTD.
Outside Counsel of Xi'an Hongsheng Technology Limited Corp.
Commissioner of Corporate Legal Risk Management Commission of Beijing Lawyers Association

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